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Question 121

What are the steps required to read text from a file?




Correct Answer:




Question 122

Which element is NOT required if you need a custom class to raise an event?


  1. A method to add an event handler

  2. A class containing event data, derived from EventArgs

  3. A delegate for the event

  4. A class raising the event


Correct Answer: A



Question 123

Which class is used to write primitive types in binary to a stream and supports writing strings in a specific encoding?


  1. TextReader class

  2. BinaryReader class

  3. BinaryWriter class

  4. TextWriter class


Correct Answer: C



Question 124

Which class is a byte of data that reads and writes from and to a disk?


  1. StringReader class

  2. TextReader class

  3. XmlTextReader class

  4. Stream class


Correct Answer: D



Question 125

Namespaces are used a lot in C# programming in two ways. What are those two ways? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose two.


  1. Use the namespace keyword to declare a namespace

  2. Declaring your own namespaces

  3. The .NET Framework uses namespaces to organize its many classes

  4. Using global namespace


Correct Answer: BC



Question 126

You are creating an application using .NET Framework 4.0. You need to use a last-in collection in the application. Which of the following is a last-in, first-out collection?


  1. Queue

  2. List

  3. Stack

  4. Hash


Correct Answer: C


Question 127

How is an XmlWriter object useful when writing XML data to XML documents? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. It ensures that XML data is represented in file format.

  2. It ensures that an XML document is well-formed.

  3. It allows XML values to be passed as parameters by using CLR types instead of using strings.

  4. It ensures that XML characters are legal and contains valid element and attribute names.


Correct Answer: BCD



Question 128

What are the benefits of asymmetric key cryptography? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. It is not scalable.

  2. Key regeneration is not required when a user’s private key is compromised.

  3. Asymmetric algorithms provide a key revocation mechanism.

  4. The same key pair is required to have effective communication with all the users of the asymmetric cryptosystem.


Correct Answer: CD



Question 129

How will you define a default value, Yellow, for a simple element of the XML schema?


  1. <xs:element name=”ColorName” type=”xs:string” default=”Yellow”/>

  2. <xs:element name=’ColorName’ default=’Yellow’/>

  3. <xs:element ID=’ColorName’ default=’Yellow’/>

  4. <xs:element ID=”ColorName” name=”Color” type=”xs:string” default=”Yellow”/>


Correct Answer: A



Question 130

What is the major advantage of using class libraries?


  1. They secure code with a basic encryption system.

  2. They deploy quicker than full applications.

  3. Easy to organize and maintain your project.

  4. They provide easy access to classes, interfaces, and value types.


Correct Answer: C


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