New Updated Microsoft MTA 98-372 Real Exam Questions and Answers Download 101-110


Question 101

You create an XML document that has an XmlNode named node1. Which code fragment will read the XML contained in node1 and its subnodes?


  1. Node1.ToString ();

  2. Node1.OuterXml;

  3. Node1.InnerXml;

  4. Node1.InnerXext;

  5. Node1.Value;

Correct Answer: B



Question 102

You need to find out whether the active Windows user of an application is a member of the

Administrators group. Which permission class should you use?


  1. SecurityPermission

  2. PrincipalPermission

  3. PublisherIdentityPermission

  4. EnvironmentPermission


Correct Answer: B



Question 103

Which application domain host manages security for web applications?


  1. Browser

  2. Custom-designed

  3. Server

  4. Shell


Correct Answer: A



Question 104

Which tool should you use to view the minimal, optional, and refused permission sets requested by an assembly?


  1. Assembly Registration

  2. Permission Verify

  3. Migration Policy

  4. Permissions View


Correct Answer: D



Question 105

The Common Language Specification (CLS) standard:


  1. Defines a common development environment for writing applications.

  2. Allows code written for a desktop application to run as a web application.

  3. Allows code written in different languages to interact.

  4. Defines a common syntax for all programming languages.


Correct Answer: C



Question 106

Which three actions can you perform by using the Strong Name tool? (Choose three.)


  1. Create a key pair for an assembly.

  2. Compile the assembly for the first time.

  3. Encrypt an assembly.

  4. Re-sign a previously signed assembly.

  5. Extract the public key from an assembly.


Correct Answer: ADE



Question 107

Which should you use to ensure that code can be used by several applications?


  1. Private Assembly

  2. Group Policy

  3. Shared Assembly

  4. Public Policy


Correct Answer: D



Question 108

Which is the build number of a Version object instantiated by using the following code fragment?


Version v = new Version (2, 4, 6, 8);


  1. 2

  2. 4

  3. 6

  4. 8


Correct Answer: C




Question 109

You want to debug a class library project that will be used by an application named MyApplication.exe. MyApplication.exe is not part of your Microsoft Visual Studio project and is not running currently. You want MyApplication.exe to start automatically. What should you do?


  1. Set the project’s Start Action setting to Start external program and select MyApplication.exe.

  2. Set the command line arguments to debug:MyApplication.exe.

  3. Set the command line arguments to start:MyApplication.exe.

  4. Set the project’s Start Action setting to Start project.


Correct Answer: B



Question 110

Which code segment is an example of implicit boxing?














Correct Answer: A


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