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Your company has offices in Seattle and Montreal. The network contains two servers named Server1 and Server2 that have SQL Server 2012 installed. Server1 is located in the Seattle office. Server2 is located in the Montreal office. The latency of the WAN link between the Montreal office and the Seattle office is more than 200 ms. You plan to implement an AlwaysOn availability group on both servers. You need to recommend a failover type for the availability group. What should you recommend?


A.      Synchronous manual failover

B.      Synchronous automatic failover

C.      Asynchronous automatic failover

D.      Asynchronous manual failover


Correct Answer: D




You plan to deploy a database to SQL Azure. You are designing two stored procedures named

SP1 and SP2 that have the following requirements:


Ÿ   Prevent data read by 5P1 from being modified by other active processes.

Ÿ   Allow SP2 to perform dirty reads.


You need to recommend the isolation level for the stored procedures. The solution must maximize concurrency. Which isolation levels should you recommend?


To answer, drag the appropriate isolation level to the correct stored procedure in the answer area.


Select and Place:



Correct Answer:





You have a server that has SQL Server 2012 installed. The server contains 100 user databases. You need to recommend a backup solution for the user databases. The solution must meet the following requirements:


Ÿ   Perform a transaction log backup every hour.

Ÿ   Perform a full backup of each database every week.

Ÿ   Perform a differential backup of each database every day.

Ÿ   Ensure that new user databases are added automatically to the backup solution.


What should you recommend? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.


A.      A maintenance plan

B.      SQL Server Agent jobs

C.      Policy-Based Management

D.      A Data Definition Language (DDL) trigger


Correct Answer: A




You have a SQL Server 2012 instance named SQL1. SQL1 creates error events in the Windows Application event log. You need to recommend a solution that will run an application when SQL1 logs a specific error in the Application log. Which SQL elements should you include in the recommendation? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)


A.      A policy

B.      A trigger

C.      A maintenance plan

D.      A job

E.       An alert


Correct Answer: CE




You plan to deploy three highly available SQL Server environments that will use SQL Server 2012. You identify the following specifications for each environment as shown following table.




You need to recommend which high-availability feature is required for each environment. Which features should you identify?


Select and Place:



Correct Answer:





You plan to deploy a database by using SQL Server 2012. Your company identifies the following requirements for the database:


Ÿ   The name of all stored procedures must start with “usp_”always.

Ÿ   All distribution statistics must be updated daily.


You need to identify which feature must be used to meet each database requirement. Which features should you identify?


To answer, drag the appropriate feature to the correct database requirement in the answer area.


Select and Place:



Correct Answer:





You plan to deploy SQL Server 2012. You must create two tables named Table 1 and Table 2 that will have the following specifications:


Ÿ   Table1 will contain a date column named Column1 that will contain a null value approximately 80 percent of the time.

Ÿ   Table2 will contain a column named Column2 that is the product of two other columns in Table2.

Ÿ   Both Table1 and Table2 will contain more than 1 million rows.


You need to recommend which options must be defined for the columns. The solution must minimize the storage requirements for the tables. Which options should you recommend?


To answer, drag the appropriate options to the correct column in the answer area.


Select and Place:



Correct Answer:





You manage a SQL Server 2012 instance that contains a database named DB1. Users report that some queries to DB1 take longer than expected. Although most queries run in less than one second, some queries take up to 20 seconds to run. You need to view all of the performance statistics for each database file. Which method should you use?


A.      Examine the Data File I/O pane in Activity Monitor.

B.      Query the sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats dynamic management function.

C.      Query the sys.dm_os_performance_counters dynamic management view.

D.      Query the sys.dm_os_tasks dynamic management view.


Correct Answer: B




You are creating a database that will store usernames and credit card numbers for an application. You need to recommend a solution to store and reuse the credit card numbers in the database. What should you recommend? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.


A.      Data encryption

B.      Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

C.      Encrypting File System (EFS)

D.      Data hashing


Correct Answer: A




You work as a Database Administrator (DBA) for a company named The company uses a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 infrastructure. A server named ABC-SQL1 hosts multiple databases that are accessed using OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) applications. You are concerned about the lack of redundancy provided by this single server solution. You want to configure a solution that ensures high-availability for the databases while minimizing costs. You need to ensure that the databases remain online in the event of a hardware failure of ABC-SQL1. You configure a second server named ABC-SQL2 and install SQL Server 2012. Which of the following solutions would provide the high-availability and enable users to run reports on both copies of the databases?


A.      AlwaysOn availability groups

B.      A failover cluster

C.      Database mirroring

D.      Transaction log shipping


Correct Answer: A



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