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You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization named Contoso. The organization is configured to apply a disclaimer to all email messages sent to external recipients. Your company works with a partner company named A. Datum Corporation. A. Datum has an SMTP domain named You need to ensure that email messages sent to meet the following compliance requirements:


Ÿ   Messages sent to must NOT include the disclaimer.

Ÿ   Messages that contain credit card numbers must NOT be sent to

Ÿ   If a user writes a message that contains a credit card number and the message is addressed to a recipient at, the user must receive a notification before the message is sent.


What should you configure for each requirement?


To answer, drag the appropriate configuration to the correct requirement in the answer area. Each configuration may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Additionally, you may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.


Select and Place:



Correct Answer:





Your company has a Main Office and a Branch Office. You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization. The company recently built a new meeting room in the Branch Office. You need to ensure that the meeting room is available by using the Room Finder feature in Microsoft Outlook.


A.      New-RemoteMailbox

B.      New-Mailbox

C.      Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration

D.      Set-CalendarProcessing


Correct Answer: B




You have network consist of AD DS Domain All Servers running Windows Server 2012 and all Clients running Windows 8 Pro. Server1 runs Mailbox Server Role and Client Access Server Role You are configuring Anti-Spam Filtering on Server1. You need to ensure that all emails with words “Free Credit Check” are rejected unless the email is sent to Finance Distribution Group. You also need to ensure that all emails from partner company Domain name bypass the Anti-Spam Filter. You run the Add-ContentFilterPhrase and add the words “Free Credit Check”. What should you do next?


A.      Run the Set-TransportConfig and Set-ContentFilterConfig

B.      Run the Set-SenderReputationConfig and Set-TransportConfig

C.      Run the Set-ContentFilterConfig and Set-RecipientFilterConfig

D.      Run the Set-SenderFilterConfig and Set-RecipientFilterConfig


Correct Answer: C




You are evaluating the implementation of a Database Availability Group (DAG). You need to

recommend changes to the planned implementation to minimize the loss of large email

messages if a single DAG member fails. What should you recommend changing?


A.      The preference of the mail exchanger (MX) records

B.      The duration of single item recovery

C.      The intervals of shadow redundancy

D.      The size of the transport dumpster


Correct Answer: D




A user fails to connect to his mailbox by using Outlook Anywhere. The user successfully connects

to the mailbox by using an Exchange ActiveSync-enabled mobile device and Outlook Web App.

You need to identify what prevents the users from connecting to the mailbox by using Outlook

Anywhere. Which tool should you use?


A.      Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Test

B.      Microsoft Exchange RPC Extractor

C.      Microsoft Exchange Server Profile Analyzer

D.      Exchange Server MAPI Editor


Correct Answer: A




You replace an expired certificate that was used for TLS. How do you enable it?


A.      Enable-ExchangeCertificate for SMTP Services

B.      Enable-ExchangeCertificate for POP Services

C.      Enable-ExchangeCertificate for IMAP Services

D.      Enable-ExchangeCertificate for IIS Services


Correct Answer: A




Your sales department uses for their email domain.

How do you add the subdomain for autodiscover?


A.      Add the new to the SAN (Subject Alternative Name) Certificate.

B.      Add new CAS with autodiscover address.


Correct Answer: A




Know the difference between:


A.      set-transportservice

B.      set-transportserver

C.      set-transportconfig


Correct Answer: ABC




Need to know about:


A.      Set-adsitelink

B.      site link bridging

C.      ExchangeCost (including message size)


Correct Answer: ABC




Need to know about:


A.      Storage and backup for mailbox server on virtual machine.

B.      Workload policy was covered heavily.


Correct Answer: AB



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