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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a member server named Server1 and a domain controller named DC2. All servers run Windows Server 2012.

On DC2, you open Server Manager and you add Server1 as another server to manage. From Server Manager on DC2, you right-click Server1 as shown in the exhibit.

You need to ensure that when you right-click Server1, you see the option to run the DHCP console. What should you do?

A. On Server1, install the Feature Administration Tools.

B. In the domain, add DC1 to the DHCP Administrators group.
C. On DC2 and Server1, run winrm quickconfig.

D. On DC2, install the Role Administration Tools.

Correct Answer: C


Your network contains an Active Directory domain named

An organizational unit (OU) named OU1 contains user accounts and computer accounts.

A Group Policy object (GPO) named GP1 is linked to the domain. GP1 contains Computer Configuration settings and User Configuration settings.

You need to prevent the User Configuration settings in GP1 from being applied to users. The solution must ensure that the Computer Configuration settings in GP1 are applied to all client computers.

What should you configure?

A. the Group Policy loopback processing mode

B. the Block Inheritance feature

C. the Enforced setting

D. the GPO Status

Correct Answer: A


Your network contains two Hyper-V hosts named Host1 and Host2. Host1 contains a virtual machine named VM1. Host2 contains a virtual machine named VM2. VM1 and VM2 run Windows Server 2012.

You install the Network Load Balancing feature on VM1 and VM2.

You need to ensure that the virtual machines are configured to support Network Load Balancing (NLB). Which virtual machine settings should you configure on VM1 and VM2?

A. Router guard
B. DHCP guard
C. Port mirroring
D. MAC address

Correct Answer: D


Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a server named Server1. Server1 runs Windows Server 2012 and has the Hyper-V server role installed.

On Server1, you create a virtual machine named VM1.

When you try to add a RemoteFX 3D Video Adapter to VM1, you discover that the option is unavailable as shown in the following exhibit.

You need to add the RemoteFX 3D Video Adapter to VM1. What should you do first?

A. On Server1, run the Enable-VMRemoteFxPhysicalVideoAdapter cmdlet.
B. On Server1, install the Media Foundation feature.

C. On Server1, run the Add-VMRemoteFx3dVideoAdapter cmdlet.

D. On Server1, install the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RD Virtualization Host) role service.

Correct Answer: D


You have a network printer connected to print server. You need to be able to print if print server goes down.

What should you chose?

A. brach office direct printing

B. printer pooling

C. spooling

D. Print forwarding

Correct Answer: A


You have external virtual switch with srv-io enabled with 10 Virtual Machines on it. You need to make the

Virtual Machines able to talk only to each other.

A. remove the vswitch and recreate it as private.
B. add new vswitch

C. remove vswitch and recreate it as public

D. adjust srv-io settings

Correct Answer: A


Your infrastructure divided in 2 sites. You have a forest root domain and child domain. There is only one

DC on site 2 with no FSMO roles. The link goes down to site 2 and no users can log on. What FSMO roles you need on to restore the access?

A. Infrastructure master

B. RID master

C. Domain Naming master

D. PDC emulator

Correct Answer: D


You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012. Server1 has following storage spaces:

Data Users Backups Primordial

You add an additional hard disk to Server1. You need to identify which storage space contains the new hard disk. Which storage space contains the new disk?

A. Data

B. Primordial

C. Users

D. Backups

Correct Answer: B


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