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Examine the following table:




What is the degree of this table?


A.     20

B.     25

C.     5

D.     4


Correct Answer: D




A company named Rel Inc. has many authorized dealers across the country who sell their products. The Sales Manager of the company wants to see the details of the authorized dealers, including the name, region, and total sales in ascending order of sales. Which of the following queries should be issued to get the desired output?


A.       SELECT MAX (Totalsales)

FROM Dealer


B.       SELECT

FROM Dealer


C.       SELECT *

FROM Dealer

WHERE MAX (Totalsales)


D.       SELECT Name, Region, Totalsales

FROM Dealer

ORDER BY Totalsales


Correct Answer: D




You work as the Database Administrator for a MySQL database server. In an hour or so, you are able to bring a corrupted server online. You execute the CHECK TABLE command and find that some of the InnoDB tables need to be repaired. You restart the server and discover that auto-recover has failed. Which of the following steps will you take to recover the corrupted InnoDB tables?


A.     Run the ANALYZE TABLE command.

B.     Run the REPAIR TABLE command.

C.     Recover the tables from the last backup.

D.     Run the OPTIMIZE TABLE command.

E.      Restart the server with the innodb_force_recovery option.


Correct Answer: E




Mark works as a Database Administrator for DataOneWorld Inc. The company has a SQL Server database. Management instructs him to verify the identity of a user or software that is connecting to the database. Which of the following will help him to accomplish the task?


A.     Referential integrity

B.     Abstraction

C.     Encryption

D.     Authentication


Correct Answer: D








Which of the following are the characteristics of application design? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.


A.     Output of the transaction

B.     Shortlisting of two or three products

C.     Data can be used from the transaction

D.     Expected rate of usage


Correct Answer: ACD




Consider the conceptual database design, depicting the relationship between two entities. The relationship among Author, Title, and Order is represented by the ER-diagram given below:




What is the relationship between Author and Title?


A.     Many-to-one

B.     One-to-many

C.     One-to-one

D.     Many-to-many


Correct Answer: D





John works as a database designer in ABC Tech. He wants to produce a description of a database implemented on secondary storage media. Which of the following designs will he implement to accomplish the task?


A.     Logical database design

B.     Conceptual database design

C.     Database design

D.     Physical database design


Correct Answer: D




You have developed a stored procedure named usp_GetEmp that accepts an employee number as a parameter and retrieves the details about the employee from the CurrentEmp table of a database named Employees. You have tested it, and it works exactly as you expected. Later, another employee tries to use the stored procedure and receives the following error: “The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘CurrentEmp’, database ‘Employees.schema ‘dbo’ “. What should you do to resolve the problem?


A.     Modify usp_GetEmp to include the With Execute As Owner clause.

B.     Modify usp_GetEmp to include the With Execute As Caller clause.

C.     Grant the employee the SELECT permission on the CurrentEmp table.

D.     Grant the employee the SELECT permission on the Employees database.


Correct Answer: A




Peter works as a Database Administrator for DataOneWorld Inc. The company has a SQL Server database. Peter has to construct an Entity-Relationship schema design for the data he will use in the database. Which of the following database designs will he use to accomplish the task?


A.     Physical database design

B.     Conceptual database design

C.     Logical database design

D.     Application design


Correct Answer: B






You are taking back up of your MySQL database server. You need to take a back up of the file that has been created by the replication slave server and contains information needed for connecting to the master server. Which of the following files will you copy?


A.     Master.info

B.     My.ini

C.     Relay-log.info

D.     My.cnf


Correct Answer: A


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